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the end of 2023

What is the Heart Failure Identification and Optimization in the Community (HF-iDOC) program?

The 2022 HF-iDOC program is a CHFS-led EMR-based quality improvement initiative. The purpose of the program is to ensure that patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) are optimized on foundational therapy as recommended in the 2021 CSS/CHFS guidelines. Under the approved governance framework, the program will leverage EMR data and Pentavere’s AI engine (DARWEN™) to identify patients with confirmed HFrEF and the current treatments received to enable physicians to reduce care gaps. To participate in HF-iDOC, physicians must be utilizing Accuro (QHR Technologies Inc) as their clinical EMR.


• Describe the contemporary landscape of the characteristics and treatment of HFrEF patients, identify practice gaps and challenges faced by cardiologists in the management of HFrEF patients
• Provide a report of participating physicians’ adherence to Canadian guidelines and how they compare to the national average and the U.S.-based CHAMP-HF registry
• Reduce practice gaps, optimize the management of HFrEF patients, and increase the initiation of foundational therapy for patients with HFrEF


GOAL: 10,000 Canadian patients with HFrEF identified through the HF-iDOC program