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Privacy and Compliance


To enable the successful delivery of this project and ensure the protection of private health information, the proper governance framework has been put in place. Pentavere’s team consists of privacy and data governance experts and a privacy impact assessment (PIA) on the overall program has been developed and is available to all appropriate stakeholders to demonstrate mitigation of all risks and compliance.

For Pentavere to conduct the required analysis, Accuro/QHR must securely transfer the EMR data to Pentavere. EMR data will be transferred in compliance with the privacy governance framework defined in the PIA, which requires a signed Services and Data Sharing Agreement and Decrypted Data Transfer Agreement (DDTA) from the Accuro/QHR clinic owner.

We take the privacy and security of patient data seriously. To ensure patient data is protected, the following mechanisms in place.

a. Strong access control provisioning & monitoring
b. Data encryption
c. Secure data transfer
d. Compliance monitoring and enforcement