The CHFS is the physician organization that leads the HF-iDOC program

Pentavere is an artificial intelligence (AI) clinical discovery company that has developed a breakthrough, proprietary AI engine called DARWEN™ that dramatically accelerates the discovery of insights buried in vast amounts of clinical text data. The HF-iDOC initiative is powered by Pentavere’s DARWEN™ AI engine to extract high value clinical information buried within the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), to identify patients with HFrEF.

Click here to read more about Pentavere’s proven and validated AI engine published in top tier peer-reviewed publications, and to learn more about Pentavere’s recent nomination by the Galien Foundation for the 2022 Prix Galien Best Digital Health Startup.

EOCI is the organizing committee/medical education agency for the program

The HF-iDOC program is supported by Novartis