× If you are an Accuro user and interested in joining the program, please   CLICK HERE

Why should you participate in the HF-iDOC Program?

1. Minimal / no effort required from the participating cardiologist after signing the agreement

2. Receive a report that identifies patients in your practice with HFrEF and their current treatments to support with treatment optimization according to 2021 CCS/CHFS guidelines
• Identify patients with HFrEF
• Identify patients not being optimally treated according to 2021 CCS/CHFS guidelines
• Evaluate your practice versus national aggregate data

3. Receive an honorarium to share your program results with colleagues in the community

4. Participate in the largest scale CHFS-endorsed EMR program that will expand nationally over the coming years to address the increasing incidence of heart failure in Canada

At this time, we are currently recruiting Accuro EMR users. For educational purposes, we can better expand this project by understanding which EMR provider you use. Please click HERE to fill out the form.


Program Chair – Dr. Shaun Goodman, MD


Participant Testimony – Dr. Amelia Yip, MD


For further questions or additional information, please contact Jenna Reyenga at