Section 3 Credits

The HF-iDOC program is considered a Clinical Chart Audit/Feedback Activity eligible for Section 3 credits from the Royal College. Participating physicians who wish to claim these credits must manage this process themselves.

Royal College Section 3 Clinical Chart Audit and Feedback Activity

Self-assessment programs (SAPs) are tools that enable physicians to assess aspects of their knowledge or practice and identify opportunities to enhance their competence with additional learning.
Clinical audit activities are designed to provide individual physicians, groups of physicians, or inter-professional health teams with data and feedback on their performance. Clinical audit is a valued assessment activity included within Section 3 of the MOC Program and is assigned 3 credits per hour.

Chart audit activities are not required to be reviewed and approved by an accredited CPD provider organization prior to recording these activities for credit within MAINPORT.
Documentation required beyond the standard documentation of recording the focus, key findings and reflecting on the outcomes identified from completing the chart audit activity in MAINPORT, specialists should be able to provide upon request:
1. A description of the performance measures selected to assess performance
2. A copy of the chart audit tool that was used to collect the data
3. A description of how feedback on performance was obtained
4. Any learning objective that was developed based on the chart audit

Royal College Guidelines: Clinical Audit and Feedback Activities
1. Clinical audit activities should be focused on aspect of clinical practice that is relevant to an individual, group or healthcare team
2. The clinical audit activity should be designed to address a defined performance question(s)
3. Clinical audit activities should select one to three professional standards or criteria to compare the audit against
4. Clinical audit activities should assess performance on a minimum of 10 patient charts
5. Clinical audit activities should provide a detailed summary of current performance in comparison with established standards
6. Clinical audit activities must include discussing findings with trusted peer(s) to get input and feedback
7. Clinical audit activities should result in identifying the impact of the identified outcomes for future learning and practice improvement
8. Clinical audit activities should receive credits for the time spent reviewing, reflecting, and identifying the outcomes for learning or practice improvements

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